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I thought the session was very effectively presented. Matt and Lawrence gave informative, relevant and, invaluably, personal experience that really resonated with me and gave insight into the world of an autistic child. Their experience and advice will hopefully allow me to better appreciate the huge impact my interaction can have on the child’s experience of a hospital visit, like an audiology appointment, and make this a better experience for both child and parent. - NHS 

I loved the practical exercises - really bought it all to life.  - BRITISH GYMNASTICS

I will feel less guilty now of spending more time on me. - PARENT

I just wanted to pass on a huge thank you to Connecting The Spectrum for attending our fundraising day yesterday. We couldn’t have asked for anything more and you certainly left us feeling very inspired. Sharing your perspective on the daily challenges which your family and, in particular, your sons face living in a neurotypical world was a great benefit to the team and helps all of us focus on who we are here to support. I can safely say you would be welcomed back anytime.  -THE NATIONAL AUTISTIC SOCIETY

I really enjoyed the training last week and found the interactive style of learning really good and their energy and enthusiasm really refreshing. I thought their willingness to answer our questions within the training and knowledge from personal experience very helpful.  - NHS

You helped me empathise with autistic kids & their families - thank you. LLOYD, CHAPERONE, SCHOOL TRANSPORT

I wanted to thank you both for the wonderful work you do. I have told all the mothers at my support group of how refreshing it  was to do  your workshop !  - PARENT

I found the session very interesting and who better people then the parents giving us the insight of these children. - NHS

We really liked the delivery style that was used –  really effective ! - THE NATIONAL AUTISTIC SOCIETY

I thought it was going to be really boring, but it was great ! - TONY, DRIVER, SCHOOL TRANSPORT

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