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Lawrence and Matt are, first and foremost, parents. Dads to autistic children, we live it  24/7. We are right there in the trenches with you, and although every child is different, there are often common themes and struggles that we  parents go through. 

Our parent / carer workshops allow parents to come together to talk openly & support each other in a safe space.

Combining interactive exercises with facilitated discussion we look at mindset, discuss the thinking traps we fall into & look at the stresses of being a parent to an autistic child. 

We then look at practical mental pain relief, share some tips & exercises to be able to help our mindsets, and look at empowering you with more self compassion & coping mechanisms.  From mindfulness exercises to harnessing the power of body language, we want to help you add more tools to your toolkit, so you can thrive and not just survive. 

We also look at how to sift though all the admin & provide you with  essential signposting. Where appropriate we can also create bespoke rehearsal conversations to help you practice high-pressure moments in a no-pressure environment. 

Prices for parent support groups range are flexible according to your requirements and budget.  Typical fees range from £250 for a 90 minute session to  £1000 for a full day for multiple delegates. Half day workshops are also available. 


“A child should never be just managing or coping- they deserve more. So do you as a parent”

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