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Lawrence & Matt are also happy to share their stories & insights into what it's like being parents to autistic children . The stories are shot through with humour & delivered with energy , but don't shy away from the hard truth. They are deeply personal stories that are also universal, and will give those with no knowledge of autism an insight, and deepen the learning for those already versed in autism. Similar to the courses on offer, their speeches are bespoke to whichever audience they are delivering to .  Connecting The Spectrum were recently invited to be the after- dinner speakers at Reading University Psychology & Speech And Language Therapy Societies Spring Ball. 

If you would like CTS to speak at your event please get in touch via the Contact page. 

" We would like to thank Matt and Lawrence for speaking at the event, the night was a huge success and we have received great feedback from both students and staff that attended." 

Why isn’t this perfect looking little man doing what the others do? Why is he being so naughty? Why isn’t he listening? What are we doing wrong? The answer of course was nothing, we were doing nothing wrong. But when you are doing nothing wrong why aren’t things going right?

I have no sense of danger. Pain doesn't hurt me, but your aftershave can. . When I can't talk all I have left in me is a meltdown . This isn't something I choose - it's something that happens to me. I'm not doing this to be able to stay up late by half an hour, I'm scratching at your face, biting your skin, hitting my head repeatedly because it's all I have left in my toolkit right now. Over a third of autistic people have limited verbal communication , and I'm right there in that group.For now?

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