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Lawrence McGrandles

We are, in our opinion, at a unique point in time where amongst the general public there is a high awareness of autism but a low knowledge of the subject. 

To meet this gap in awareness and knowledge, Connecting The Spectrum was born and our aim is to help customer-facing staff to recognise and interact with people on the spectrum in a way that is most helpful and comfortable. To understand and enable all sides.

With our backgrounds in corporate training/roleplay and (an enforced) "parental expertise" in autism this actually represents a unification of our personal and professional lives and means that we are invested in our enterprise at a very significant level.

We aim to create Positive Emotional Responses and help people learn how to think differently.


Matt, Dad of autistic son.

Corporate trainer specialising in presentation skills, mindfulness, body language & 1-2-1 coaching.

Actor & musician.


Lawrence, Dad of autistic son.

Corporate trainer specialising in customer service, mindset, 

presentation skills, motivational speaking,  & confidence-boosting.

Actor & writer.

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